Chem 242a
Fall Term, 2009

Prof. Sarah Reisman
349 Crellin

Office Hours:
M Tu Th F, 10-11 am

Teaching Assistants:
John Yeoman
20 Church

Lindsay Repka
16 Church

Jay Codelli
20 Church

Class Location: 147 Noyes
Lecture Hours: M W F, 9-10 am
Recitation: Tu, 7-9 pm
Problem Sessions: Th, 7-9 pm


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Course News

11-8-09: New handouts have been uploaded. The second exam will be handed out on 11-20-09.

10-14-09: New handouts have been uploaded.

9-30-09: The first Thursday night problem session is tomorrow, 10-1-09. Problem sessions on 8-8-09 and 8-15-09 will start at 5 p.m. and will be held in 153 Noyes.

9-22-09: Textbooks can be purchased through the Caltech AdoptaText website, accessible by logging into

The HGS 4010/Student molecular model set from Maruzen is strongly recommended. They are available for purchase at the Maruzen website.

9-15-09: Class begins Wednesday, September 30th